The Secret Strategy for Meaningful Sales Meetings

Oops! Got a sales meeting coming up in two weeks, better get ready for it. Let’s see, what should we do? I’ll go over last month’s numbers, that’ll take a half hour. Then…I know! The credit manager has been complaining about the state of receivables lately. I’ll have him come in and complain directly to the sales guys. That’ll take about an hour. Now what….

Does that scenario sound familiar? All too often that’s how we plan our sales meetings. The focus is on how to fill the time, what information we want to transmit, and who we want to present it. When the focus is on the agenda, it’s easy to wander off, to fill the time with needless details, and to end up with a boring and non-productive meeting. With a meeting like that it’s no wonder that most salespeople would rather be in the field, doing their jobs, than killing time at a sales meeting.

Here, Dave Kahle provides a powerful strategy guaranteed to make sales meetings more meaningful for your salespeople, and more valuable for you.