10 Ways to Generate Great Sales Leads

Steve Waterhouse is the author of The Team Selling Solution (McGraw-Hill). You can read his blog and more articles at predictiveresults.com

Too much selling time is spent talking with people who have no need for, or interest in, what you are offering. The truth is, almost anyone can dramatically improve their sales results if they have great leads.

Here are 10 ways to build a steady flow of leads that will dramatically increase your closing percentage.

1. Call all of your old clients and ask about new opportunities. This has time and again proven to be the most powerful prospecting approach.

2. Send a series of 5 letters to a targeted list offering them a special report that relates to your offering. Only the truly interested people will respond.

3. Start an e-mail newsletter that has high value to your prospects. If the value is high enough, existing clients will forward it and your list will grow. I get new business every time I send out my newsletter.

4. Give a seminar and invite people who are in your target market. Even if it is free, only those who really want what you are offering will attend.

5. Join a trade association where the members are in your target market. Get active in the leadership so they see you as a leader. Don’t be shy about letting people know why you are there.

6. Send postcards that include an offer that a real prospect could not ignore. Postcards are cheaper than letters and don’t have to be opened.

7. Scan your competition’s web site for lists of customers or testimonials. That will give you a list of those who might need a different supplier.

8. Make a list of 25 hot prospects and contact them every month. You can mix up your contacts with e-mail, calls, letters and articles.

9. Write articles and place them in publications that are read by your prospects. Include an offer in each article.

10. Use 2 or 3 of the approaches above and build a plan that you execute every month. Even if you have to hire someone to do it, make sure you are never too busy to prospect.

Wishing you the best of selling success,

Steve Waterhouse