Four Steps to Unlocking Your Potential

One topic of continuing interest with both sales people and sales managers is how do I/we unlock the potential for sales success?

This discussion also moves into a higher level discussion about “what is potential?” Yet, that is a discussion for a later date. It is a more complex topic and I would rather help you to unlock the potential you currently possess. This is an important issue since some researchers of personal performance indicate we human beings are only getting 8 to 10% of our true potential. If this is true, and I believe there is truth in the research – then we have a huge upside to activate.

So, let’s look with Voss Graham, at four steps you can employ today to unlock your potential and improve your sales performance.

How To Love Your Customer!

Paul Castain explores 7 ways to jumpstart your client relationships…

1)    The Power Of Surprises: Yep, I covered this one before and it won’t be the last time because surprises rock! I give several examples of how some firms I deal with have surprised me. I also share a few ways you can surprise your clients.

Note: This is something that should also be discussed in your next team sales meeting by posing the question “In what ways can we continue to surprise our clients”

2)    Find A Way To “Wow” Your Clients When You Drop The Ball: Mistakes happen, how will you turn things around? I offer a few examples to help get you thinking!

3)    Understand That Sometimes People Don’t Tell You When They Are Upset: Its important you recognize the signs. Its also important that you understand that sometimes people vent about these things on Twitter, Facebook, their blog etc. Are you listening?

4)    Make Your Client Look Like A Rock Star! I talk about the importance of continually offering ideas and resources. I also talk about a concept I call “resource positioning” and why I do this in every meeting! I mention a concept called “The Sales Listening Station” After you listen to the podcast, please circle back and click here for details on how you can set up your very own Sales Listening Station. And just because I’m human, I feel a need to point out that during this part of the podcast I mention that “There is no shortage of good ideas” I meant to say “There’s no monopoly on good ideas” What the hell was I thinking?

5)    Be A Breath Of Fresh Air: This is your cue to inject your personality into your work. Just like when we were “dating” we need to keep things fun, exiting.

6)    Make Sure You Have Great Communication: I talk about the power of questioning and how that improves your communication. A common needs analysis mistake. I reference the Mackay 66. Feel free to circle back and click here.

7)    Understand The Courtship Never Ends

I have some great content lined up for you if you will scroll down and have a listen. Now if you are not in the mood to further your growth this weekend, no worries. My suggestion would be to download this podcast on I-Tunes and allow me to be your educational companion during your drive time this week!

Criminals on your sales team?

Every employer fears unknowingly hiring a criminal. There are things that can be done to mitigate that risk if an effective criminal background screening program is put together. The operative word is “effective.”

Sales Dodo has just published a white paper on this subject titled “Are There Criminals On Your Sales Team?” which is designed to help employers identify the important components when structuring a criminal background check program for their salesforce. You may think you know criminal background screening, but wait until you read this!

To get your free copy, click here.

16 proven techniques for better B2B sales leads generation with print advertising

Generate more qualified B2B sales leads for your salespeople, representatives, distributors or resellers with effective print advertising.

By M. H. “Mac” McIntosh, CBC
Is one of the goals of your business-to-business advertising sales lead generation for your salespeople, representatives, distributors or resellers? Consider these proven lead generation techniques gleaned from working with over 170 companies and some of the best marketers in the business.

Use Best Practice to Fire Up your Sales Team

by Jonathan Byrnes

Many managers ask for references to best practices that they can observe and replicate. In virtually every company I’ve seen, the answer exists within the company itself.

I’m always amazed by the variety of practices within a company. Think about this: If you took a movie of everything your sales force did last year, edited it carefully, and played the best parts, I’ll bet that you would have an absolutely stellar, world-class performance.

The problem, however, lies on the cutting room floor. This is where the evidence of the unevenness of practice in your company appears. But here’s another way to look at it: It shows the magnitude of the potential upside if you could bring your whole team up to your own best practice standards.

The observed overall performance of the sales force is the weighted average of your best practice, your average practice, and your problematic practice. In most companies, the fastest and easiest way to improve your bottom line is to move all of your employees up to your own best practice. This is especially true of your sales force.

Most managers take for granted that their company has “A” players, “B” players, and “C” players, particularly in their sales force, and that their company’s overall performance inevitably reflects this reality. In my experience, this assumption is almost always false.

The flaw in their view is the implicit assumption that the sales process, or any business process, cannot be analyzed, codified, taught, and coached so that even an employee of “average” ability can perform with consistent excellence. Why not?