TOGETHER – Sales and Marketing

Too often a company’s Sales and Marketing groups are out of sync. At worst, they’re rivals, literally undermining each other. Exaggeration? Sadly, Mary Sullivan of Kick Start Alliance has seen it more than once.

Why should Sales and Marketing work together? Because good marketing enables the sale. Using a military analogy, Marketing provides the weapons, and Sales fights the war. Ask any soldier – If you have unsuitable weapons, you’re going to lose the battle.

Marketing draws customers’ attention, describes your offer and tells how it benefits customers. But let’s face it – Marketing needs Sales to nurture the relationship, build a business case and close the deal. Without Sales, there probably won’t be a sale.

Can Sales get along without Marketing? Well, if sales people develop the positioning, create sales tools and track down qualified prospects, where do they find time to work directly with prospects and customers? And if each sales rep does this, you end up with conflicting messages about who you are, and you’ve wasted time and money on duplicate efforts.

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