Is Your Rep Falling Down on the Job?

Darrin Mourer asks an important question: What do you do if your rep is pulling his own weight?

First, when you’ve worked in the business long enough, this situation invariably happens. Usually it doesn’t start to manifest until you yourself have been in the role long enough to have worked with a variety of reps to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Second, when you’ve been in the business long enough, the situation will eventually reverse and, justified or not, your abilities will be called into question.

This is a face-paced, high risk/return game we’re in. Succumbing to the continuous pressure and jumping to rash decisions is all too easy a trap. All it takes is a quarter or two of missed results for the pressure to be ratcheted up enormously. It’s in your best interest to take a step back and rationally assess the situation. It takes real skill not to get caught up in the blame game.