Sales Acceleration with Referrals Part II

This week’s blog, is by Drew Stevens PhD, one of the worlds leading experts in sales and sales skills, and author of Split Second Selling and the soon to be released Ultimate Business Bible – 12 Strategies for Ultimate Success.

During my last article I illustrated the reasons for referrals and how they assist business. In this segment I want to focus on what do say so that you can get the best exposure and offer the most value to your clients.

I suggest using the following wording verbatim or practicing a similar vocabulary until you feel comfortable enough with a client. It is best to be comfortable yet confident so that you get the desired reward.

“Dear Mr./Mrs. _________________________

Today’s competitive economy presents a myriad of challenges to business growth. However, as you know, the bedrock of every business is the admiration and support from clients like you. Business is built on the foundation of clients who appreciate the value that we provide. I would like to ask you for the names of three to five friends, colleagues, or peers who might be in need and appreciative of the value that I can provide to their organization.

I would like the opportunity to call you in the next few days to obtain these names so that I can continue to build my business and foster new relationships similar to

I thank you so much in advance and look forward to speaking with you.”

This model illustrates three vital components:

1. the value of your existing relationship

2. the importance of the continued relationship

3. the appreciation of your value and how it can be perceived by others

Clients who feel so strongly about the relationship and value will be more than happy to provide you with the names of others who can extend the loyalty and admiration. Remember, you must be confident and articulate clearly yet succinctly what you seek. I also suggest not beating around the bush. Make the statement, pause, and then listen intently. Allow your client time to process the request to consider how to assist you.

One final point. Do not end the conversation without having received what you seek. Following too much time between the initial request and its conclusion will create dissonance. And in today’s busy world, you may not get another opportunity to ask a similar request.

In part three I will conclude with best practices and activities that will gain the best
exposure for referrals.

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Drew Stevens Ph.D. President of Stevens Consulting Group is one of those very rare sales management and business development experts with not only 28 years of true sales experience but advanced degrees in sales productivity. Not many can make such as claim. Drew works with sales managers and their direct reports to create more customer centric relationships that dramatically drive new revenues and new clients. He is the author of Split Second Selling and the founder and coordinator of the Sales Leadership Program at Saint Louis University. Contact him today at 877-391-6821.