What does your organization reward?

The Brooks Group

Hiring top-quality salespeople is a constant source of stress for many sales managers.  Of course, not every salesperson is suited for every sales job.  Wanting to sell, selling, and ultimately succeeding at sales are three separate issues.  Why a person chooses a sales career – what’s behind the interview façade – is often the most significant driver of performance.  Why does a person choose a particular path?  The answer lies in what he or she values the most.

Valuing something strongly means that things associated with it are what you care about most deeply and passionately.  If what you value most is rewarded in your work environment, odds are good that your performance will be high and attitude and commitment will be strong (as long as job skills and personal skills are present).  In contrast, if you are in a job that does not reward what you value, the opposite occurs…no matter how intelligent or dedicated you are.

Let’s look at two examples…