Salesperson or Hustler?

By Skip Anderson

Almost anybody can sell almost anything, If they lie.

Lying is not a sales technique. it is not a skill. It isn’t clever or cool. It doesn’t require intelligence or sales ability.

Lying doesn’t (or shouldn’t) count in selling. It’s too easy. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is pick something about your product or service, it’s warranty, your company, or yourself and either exaggerate something about it or make something up about it or say the opposite of what’s real and true. Who can’t do that?

I can’t. And hopefully you can’t either.

It’s not surprising that the general public looks down (either some or a lot) on those of us in the sales profession. The reason they do is because some of us in our profession are not professional. They’re liars. They’re in it to win it, at virtually any cost. Those without a strong set of personal values or without a conscience are perfect for candidates for this behavior.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with many professionals in our field. I take pride in the people who have influenced me positively, and I’m thankful I’ve had an opportunity to influence others. There are many truly good people who earn their living selling.

I’ve also had the disappointment and even disgust of working with people who lie and feel good about it. One of them, I remember, called selling “a hustle.” Some have become very wealthy via their dishonesty.

It’s easy to lie about…

… Your product’s capabilities;

… Services or items included that really aren’t included in the purchase.

… Delivery or installation time frames.

… The future by promising things that cannot be promised or aren’t real.

Some salespeople lie all the time. Some lie some of the time. Some lie big lies. Some tell white lies.

Enough is enough. Some salespeople never lie. There’s no place for lying in our profession. Those who do it don’t deserve to wear the badge of honor that hard working, ethical salespeople deserve to wear. I believe selling is honorable, but only if it’s done in an honorable fashion.

Otherwise, you’re just a hustler.