Street Talk: Did you know that the #1 reason why sales people fail is due to lack of leadership, coaching and direction?

***(#2 is the selection of the “right-fit” candidate–in case you wanted to know!)

If you’re a sales leader, ask yourself these critical, self-reflecting questions before placing a sales professional on a performance improvement plan………

  • Am I giving this person the attention they need?
  • Am I providing sales strategies and solutions to break into new prospects?
  • Am I an active leader or do I stay behind the scenes and watch until there is a problem?
  • Do I ever join prospect meetings to observe how my people sell?
  • Do I ever listen to prospecting calls and give direct feedback to improve?
  • Am I leading them through personal coaching and not relying solely on the CRM System?

If you’re not answering “yes”, I encourage you to re-evaluate the negative impact this may be having on their sales performance.

(If you’re a Sales Pro, ask yourself these questions as it relates to how you’re being led.  It may just create a strategic and timely discussion about how you can get the best coaching to maximize your potential.)

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