8 Easy Steps to Eliminate the Non-Serious Buyer

by Rochelle Togo-Figa
Source: www.SalesDog.com

You have enough to do each day without chasing around prospects that will never buy from you. That’s why we’re running this advice from sales trainer Rochelle Togo-Figa – she’ll help you find the right buyers, so you make more money in less time.

A client was disappointed she hadn’t brought in any new clients in several weeks. She was frustrated she had set up 8 appointments and hadn’t closed one. She had set high expectations and was upset with the results. We’ve all been there, so we know how it feels to anticipate closing business and then it doesn’t happen.

As she and I discussed the situation, several things started to open up. Although she had scheduled 8 appointments, early on 2 of the people had canceled and 2 didn’t want to spend the money. These 4 people were non-serious buyers. The good news was the other 4 were definitely interested.

In fact, one of the people she met liked her authentic sales style so much that she was invited to attend a party where she could network with many more potential clients. She may not have closed the sale on the first appointment as she had hoped; however, she gained much more. She still had the possibility of closing this sale and an opportunity to meet many more potential clients.

It’s unlikely you will close most of your sales on the first appointment. There is an emotional process that people go through when making a buying decision. People do business with who they get to know, like and trust. You have to be patient and willing to nurture the business relationship.

To guide the customer through the sales process and create a long-lasting business relationship begins by authentically communicating, being genuinely interested in the other person, and giving up any attachment you have to the outcome.

As we reviewed her appointments, we looked to see what was missing that could be put in for the next time. She thought the problem was she didn’t know how to close the sale. That wasn’t the problem. What was missing was doing the preparation work before the sales meeting to eliminate non-serious buyers. If she had done the preparation work, those 4 non-serious buyers would have been eliminated early on.

If you want to be well prepared for your sales appointment and close sales faster, I have 8 steps to follow that will move the sales appointment to a sales close.

  1. Set specific and realistic goals of what you want to accomplish.
  2. Go in with the intention of closing the sale, but let go of any attachment to the outcome (and how it should look).
  3. Send a letter or email before the meeting outlining what will be covered at the meeting.
  4. Call to confirm the meeting. At that time ask qualifying questions to uncover their budget, make sure you’re meeting with the decision maker, and find out how long they’ve been looking.
  5. Make a list for yourself of anticipated questions and responses.
  6. Make a list for yourself of anticipated objections and responses.
  7. Practice your presentation out loud.
  8. Practice your responses to the questions and objections.

Golden opportunities are all around us. Sometimes they’re hidden from our view because we think things should look a certain way and when they don’t, we’re disappointed. I invite you to let go of how it should look and turn every challenge into a golden opportunity.

Rochelle Togo-Figa, the Sales Breakthrough Expert, is the creator of the Sales Breakthrough System. Visit her website at www.SalesBreakthroughs.com.

The Two Most Powerful Words in Sales

By Lee Salz

So, the title pulled you in because you think that someone has found a new formula for water…that there are two words that you can say that will skyrocket your revenue and commissions. The title referred to these words as “powerful” so they must be new, since you haven’t heard them before. Perhaps, these words are a deceptive trick that hypnotizes prospects into pulling out their credit card to buy from you.

Well, these two words are not ones that you can ever say to a prospect, but they are guaranteed to drive your revenue and income. Yes, you read correctly…guaranteed. Who would be crazy enough to say “guaranteed” about two little words? Well, it’s not crazy. In my travels working with thousands of sales professionals, I’ve found a common thread in those who are tremendously successful. That thread comes down to two words on which they base their entire sales career.

Many think that the rock star sales people are born with a gift of gab and that makes them a success. Not true, these two words can be taught to any sales person and they can effectively include them in their selling repertoire.

Enough mystery, the two most powerful sales words are synergy and priority.

First Word: Synergy

Synergy is the process by which matches between the needs of a prospect and the capabilities of the supplier are identified. Synergy means you are crafting a solution, not pitching wares. Synergy means you understand the buying players as individuals, not just their company. Keep in mind that, to date, a company has never bought anything…people do.

To master synergy, there are a few actions that need to be taken. The first is to study your buying players and make sure you fully understand them and what makes them tick. As they lie in bed at night thinking about their work, where is their mind focused? If your buying player is a CFO, he is probably focused on profits. How does your solution help the profitability of the company?

The second is to fully study your company and understand its capabilities. What is it that your company does that solves the awake-at-night problems for your buying players? If you cannot identify these synergies, now you know why you cannot get meetings with the people you want to engage. Your solution has to be congruent with their focus.

The third action is to develop a template needs analysis program that includes questions that expose the prospects’ perceived challenges, and positioning questions that expose opportunities where your firm can improve upon the present situation. This part takes work, but it becomes the foundation for your sales success. Needs analysis, also two words, drives sales.

In my keynote speech, I use a Velcro metaphor to make the point about synergy. As you know, there are two sides of Velcro the cotton side and the hook side. If you evenly overlay the two sides, there is a tight bond and it is difficult to separate the two pieces. If you only match a corner, it is easily separated. Synergy in sales means that you are forming a tight bond between a supplier and a prospect based on a match of needs, wants, and desires. As you can imagine, the needs analysis discussions are critical to a sales person’s ability to identify the synergy. And, needs analysis plays a role with the other most powerful sales word…priority.

Second Word: Priority

Priority is what leads a prospect to buy today, not tomorrow, not in the future…today! Synergy gets the prospect into the pipeline. Priority leads a prospect to become a client. The same tools earlier referenced for synergy are also necessary for priority. A sales person’s ability to facilitate effective needs analysis discussions are the key to mastering priority.

“Why should they buy this today when they can just as easily buy tomorrow?” Sure, there are motivators that can be employed…discounts, incentives, etc. However, if you truly understand your prospect, their challenges, and the solution, you are armed with the information you need to get the deal done without those motivators being offered. Priority’s arch enemy is status quo…and don’t under-estimate the power that it has. It is the number one killer of sales pipelines. Status quo will win every time if you don’t have the information you need to understand why the buyer should buy today.

Ah, but the decision maker is a busy person…”She is a heavily influential person in the company and it will be difficult to get her attention.” Bet I can get your attention. Imagine you checked your email and you see a note from your CEO who wants to meet with you at 1:15pm tomorrow to discuss tripling your salary. You won’t even check your calendar before responding, “I’ll be there!” Making money is a priority for you. All else gets cast aside when someone wants to put more money in your pocket.

The same concept applies to sales. If the solution that you have designed is aligned with the priorities of the decision making buying player, the deal happens. If not, status quo will win it. Need help profiling your buying players? Send me an email and I’ll send you my Buying Players Worksheet. This will become the most powerful sales tool that you have ever had in your hands…and you will come to master the two most powerful words that drive sales.

Two more powerful words…Go Sell!

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