Don’t Waste Time With An “Uncoachable”

By Jessica Helinski

Think you can make positive impact on a salesperson who just can’t seem to get his or her act together? Forget it! These “uncoachables,” according to author and advisor Marshall Goldsmith, are just not going change. You may be wasting time (and patience) by trying to break through to these “lost causes.” Goldsmith says that these folks are easy to spot, and he includes four examples in a recent article.

I’ve included the first below, and I’d love to hear your reactions. Do you agree that there are some salespeople who are uncoachable, or do you think there’s always possibility for improvement for everyone and no one is a lost cause? Have you had any experiences with a so-called uncoachable?

3. They’re in the wrong job.

Sometimes people feel that they’re in the wrong job with the wrong company. They may believe they’re meant to be doing something else or that their skills are being misused. Here’s a good way to determine if you’re working with one of these people. Ask them, “If we shut down the company today, would you be relieved, surprised, or sad?” If you hear ‘relieved,’ you’ve got yourself a live one. Send them packing. You can’t change the behavior of unhappy people so that they become happy: You can only fix behavior that’s making people around them unhappy.