7 Emotional Sales Triggers That Make People Buy

By Anthony Chambers

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! When it really comes down to getting your prospect to pull out his credit card and buy from you, there are very specific emotional sales triggers that will work every time. Learn them, implement them, and watch your sales soar. Neglect them, and you will be leaving a fortune at on the table for someone else to take.

So what are these sales triggers? Let us take a quick look at just seven of them. You may be in for a surprise here.

1. People want to make more money. This should be quite obvious of course. For some people, they need more money to start a business, or get a qualification to get a higher paying job. You would think that people will want to find the quickest way to make more money. Not so. Your prospect probably has very specific plans and getting more money right now is just a means to an end. Help him do it and prosper in the process.

2. People want to save money. If your prospect is looking to save money, then by golly give him what he wants. Finding a way to save money is the same as earning extra money. Either way, if you can tap into your prospects need to save money, you can be successful in business. State this point very clearly in your sales copy and you can cash in more sales.

3. People want to save time. You must make your offer to save time meaningful in order for it to be effective as a sales trigger. Your prospect must see how an extra hour or two saved each day will translate into more money, more free time, or more goals accomplished. This is a very important point and is usually most applicable to people who already have enough money but not enough time to enjoy it.

4. People want to look more attractive. As your prospects lifestyles improve, they want to accomplish several things. They want to earn more money but they also want to look more attractive. In some culture, folks will literally kill to look good. This may sound vain but it is a real need and a huge sales trigger for you. Someone will sell them the right product to help them look attractive. It might as well be you.

5. People want to learn new skills. They may want to learn how to change their car oil or build a deck. This will make them feel more intelligent. This is also the kind of prospect who may have more disposable income. Connecting with this person through the right research will help you make the sale. Do not forget too, if this is a technically challenging field, there will be more opportunities to make other sales to the same person at a later date.

6. People want to live longer. At this time, there is a lot of talk about the aging baby boomers (those born between 1945 and 1965). They may want to get in shape, eat better or gain extra energy. This will make them feel healthier. Also, people are living longer, but they want a better quality of life than their parents had. Experts predict that certain products will create trillion dollar industries. Find out what these people need and sell them by using their quest for longevity as a sales trigger.

7. People want to be comfortable where ever they may be. They may want to relieve aches and pains, sleep better, and enjoy their lives; especially as they age. Do some quick research on your demographics. How old are they? How much money do they have. How can you improve their comfort levels? Somewhere in the mix, you are going to find sales triggers that I did not even mention. Use them to profit in your business, whether it be online or off-line.

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