Sales Predictability Is Boring!


What if you could predict your sales growth within +/-10% so that you could run your business efficiently, effectively, and profitably? Boring?

Think of the possibility of:

Actually being able to plan the use of your resources and to identify when more might be required.

Of being able to rely on the sales forecast so that an accurate revenue and cash flow forecast could be produced with the minimum of intervention from senior management.

Identifying any future shortfall in the pipeline so that marketing campaigns can be carried out to produce leads so that the sales targets can be met.

Most sales directors I talk to tell me that one of the biggest problems they have is the erratic nature of their sales forecasts.  It makes planning so difficult.  Yet they believe that the inconsistency in sales forecasting is part of the sales environment and that it can only be controlled via the regular sales meetings that take place on a ‘one-to-one’  basis or as a team.  This is not true! There is a sales process, based on the questions used by the sales director, which establishes the credibility of any sales forecast.  Imagine a system that would   emulate that sales process for you.  In effect each sales person using the system would have their personal sales process manager/advisor.  Management can look at the trends and refine the sales process to achieve even better results. The regular sales meetings would continue but be more productive.

Not so boring after all knowing when, where, how and why!  More time to do everything else!!!