Tipping Etiquette: Don’t Look Like a Tightwad to Your Clients

Sales HQ 

When you are entertaining clients, knowing the proper gratuity for a service or meal is critical. If you are noticeably unsure of yourself, you may come off as unsophisticated, and if you are inaccurate you may come off as a cheapskate. You need to make sure you are comfortable with these simple financial transactions, since you are aspiring to be transacting with the clients as well.

Here are SalesHQ’s Guidelines for Tipping Food and Cocktail Servers

1. Be Generous.

Give and you shall receive. Even when your server has made a mistake or your meal was not as delicious as you had hoped, leaving a generous tip will demonstrate that you are a good hearted and trustworthy person. Tipping 15% is considered the standard in the US so leaving 20% will make an impression.

2. Pre-tax or Post-Tax?

Either is socially acceptable, but using the total bill may be both easier and more generous.

3. Gift Certificates and Coupons.

If you give your client a gift certificate or coupon, than make sure to pay the tip in advance. It will impress your client that they are so taken care of by you.

4. Discounts and Complimentary Items.

If you are out with clients and obtain complimentary or discounted services or goods, it is always customary to tip servers based on the regular price of the item. For example, if a restaurant brings over a complimentary bottle of good champagne, you should factor that into your final tip amount.

5. Who Else do I Tip?

You should tip everyone who is serving you and your client, but the following list should cover most of the services you will encounter as a professional in sales.Taxis, Limos, and Drivers: 15% of the total fare or more if multiple stops or heavy baggage is involved. If you are paying for your client, make sure to cover the tip as well.Courtesy Shuttle: If baggage is involved, tip $1-$2 per bag.Valet or Parking Attendant: $1-$3 at the time the car is returned.Baggage Handlers & Hotel Bellmen: $1-$2 per bag as they assist you with your luggage.Massage: 10-15% of the bill, make sure to cover the cost for your client.Spa or Salon Treatment: 15-20% of the bill, make sure to cover the cost for your client.Golf Caddy: $15-$20Golf or Tennis Lesson: $0

Your Cheat Sheet

Print out a cheat sheet guide. Use as a quick reference for tipping when you are stuck with the math. Try to be discrete so clients don’t notice.