The 80/20 Rule

By Mike Moore : Making & Keeping Customers…Training and Coaching for Sales Managers, Salespeople, Interior Designers and Customer Service

Don’t think because you are talking, you are selling. Selling isn’t about how well you can present your products or services. It’s not about how much you know. In fact, it’s not as much about you as you think. You were given two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should be watching and listening 8o% of the time and talking 20% of the time, and the 80% of the time you are talking, you should be asking questions. You have to be present and pay attention with the right intentions to truly be selling. The following poem helps establish the 80/20 rule for professional sales intentions. You’ll notice that the focus is 80% about the consumer or buyer and 20% about the seller. This is the 80/20 rule of professional sales intentions.

The Sales Professionals Promise

To assist you, not tell you.

To help you, not sell you.

To care more about you,

Than what’s in it for me.

To always do what’s best for you!

By Mike Moore