The Japanese on Resilience

By Just Sell: Give More Inspirational Sales Blog

Seven times down.

Eight times up.

– Japanese proverb

Give more resilience…

resilient: noun: capable of bouncing back from or adjusting to challenges and change

We all fail from time-to-time (our doing, someone else’s doing, somethingelse’s doing, a combination of each). It’s life.

To be resilient…

  1. Focus on results. Embrace the fact that results are what we’re all really after. Effort and attempts are great first steps, but we need to act with commitment to delivering (just like we want people to do for us).
  2. Make lessons of failures. Minimize the tendency to make a failure or mistake anything more than a lesson on how not to do something. We need to learn from our mistakes and truly accept them as tuition for succeeding later. And yes… Our mistakes might put us in a bind at times and have some uncomfortable consequences but again,
    that’s real life.
  3. Continue on. Smarter.
  4. Reinforce. Support each other (and ourselves) by continually reminding and encouraging one another to deliver on the
    first three points.

That’s it. Let’s practice it more.

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