Tell a college grad about Inside Sales!

By Geoff Alexander, Geoff Alexander & Company

Did you read the news? Hope Yen of the Associated Press reported this week that 1 out of every 2 college grads are either unemployed or underemployed, working at servers, baristas, bartenders, or other jobs that don’t adequately utilize their skills. Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I recommend that inside sales people tell their friends about b2b inside sales careers. We always need talented people in this industry, and I’ve trained loads of young adults in their first inside sales jobs in my inside sales training courses. They’re smart, enthusiastic, and can’t believe how much money they’ll be making. And they get to use their minds, too, figuring out how their solutions will improve their prospects’ businesses.

Know a college grad (or soon-to-be)? We sometimes make the mistake of not encouraging them to consider a career path different from their majors, especially, it seems, with those who have a Liberal Arts degree (the guy writing this post has one of those). But just look at these stats!

  • 1.5 million Bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 25 who were jobless or underemployed
  • 100,000 estimated number of young Bachelor’s holders working as food servers, bartenders, and food service helpers
  • College graduates who majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art history and humanities were among the least likely to find jobs appropriate to their education level

So here’s a shout-out: let these folks know about your success in inside sales or sales development. I can almost guarantee you that they never considered it a career path. Don’t be surprised if they turn down your suggestion, initially: they still want to be zoologists. But expect them to ping you back in a week with a “tell me more” conversation. Starving isn’t sexy. The great thing about Liberal Arts is you can still do them during non-work hours. I’ve met hundreds over the past few years who do just that.

Got a position open at your company, or know of another company that does? Let’s get these talented people employed, or working at a job that’s more fulfilling intellectually than the one they may be in. Those tough statistics that I quoted above are actually an opportunity for the inside sales profession to get even better. So please, think about your acquaintances that would be great inside reps, and have a conversation. And add recruiting talented people to your Best Practices Playbook.