Urgent Sales Goals!

By Tony Cole, Sales Brew

Got your attention, or at least I hope I did. There is nothing more urgent than that word itself and of course, even more urgent is what it means. I know what it means in my personal and sales career but just for a minute; let’s visit what the experts say:

Urgent: an earnest and insistent necessity, of pressing importance requiring speedy action, imperative

Stop for a minute if you will and think about what in your life is urgent. If you are fighting a serious health issue, I’ll bet you are in that state of mind and being. I’ll bet that taking care of whatever health issue it is that is affecting you is pretty urgent and you are focusing a lot of resources and effort around that.

The reason that I’m bringing all this up with such urgency is that I just participated in a sales meeting and was reminded about the urgency of meeting the goals that we set for ourselves. Our sales coach pretty much put it on the line with us. If you can’t make the goal, then don’t agree to them. If you aren’t meeting your goals, then they aren’t urgent. And why not? Gave me pause to think.

What creates urgency? Is it pain or is it pleasure or is it that we are just competitive and will not, absolutely will not fail a goal that we have set. All of those reasons are great ones but right now, I want you to stop and think about your goals and which ones are urgent for you. Do you feel the drive, the will, the energy to do what you need to do to reach them? And if you don’t, why not and what do you want to do about that?

Here’s what I know for sure. I know that others have created urgency for me in my career in terms of reaching deadlines or delivering on a project or bringing in the revenue. Usually though when others have created urgency for me, it’s been a less than satisfying end result. When I truly want something and create urgency for myself, well that’s when great things happen. The urgency we self-create is the blood running through our veins. It is ours. It keeps us ticking and alive and makes things happen.

I adopted my son from Guatemala almost 3 years ago now and there were all sorts of problems in the process. The system created a lot of stress and yes urgency for me when they told me after 8 months that perhaps I should plan to adopt another child, not Steven, not the child that I had met and held for two days. The urgency of that moment and what I felt and did after that is how I define urgency. Total commitment. Complete focus. Unquestionable tenacity to achieve that goal.

And what an achievement it has been! Without the financial goals and success that I had urgently pursued and achieved in my past, I may never have had this unbelievable child in my life. That’s what urgency does for us. So take a look at your goals right now, and think about what it is that you feel urgent about. Because these will determine your future and what types of amazing accomplishments you will experience in your life.