Dealing with Client Emotions

Dale Carnegie Training,

Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion…” If you remember this statement during every one of your customer service interactions, you will be half way to understanding how to deal with customer complaints. You must be prepared to first deal with a client’s emotions and then deal with the actual issue. Unless you can respect the client’s perspective, it will be difficult to deliver a solution that turns a negative situation into a positive one.

One of the easiest ways to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one is by avoiding an argument. The easiest way of avoiding an argument is to simply show respect toward the client’s opinion and never say, “You’re wrong.” By avoiding an argument and respecting their opinion, you will be able to find out what the real issue is and come to a timely conclusion.

It is also very important to listen to the client or customer. Let them explain their situation and what they find to be challenging. By letting the client do a majority of the talking, you will gain useful insights to a possible solution, as well as a better understanding of their point of view.

By listening to your client and understanding their point of view, you will be more sympathetic to their ideas and desires. This will allow you to resolve any issues while providing value to your client.

Remember to avoid arguments, let the client do a great deal of the talking, and be sympathetic toward their ideas and desires. As a result, you will be able to effectively deal with client emotions and, in turn, resolve their complaints.