Great Sales Training Tips

By Brian Tracy

This sales training tip may seem basic, but you would be surprised how many sales reps have no concept of the power of this technique.

This training tip is one that I have shared with hundreds of sales reps over the years and I have found that some people naturally do this almost instinctively, and others never really seem to grasp the technique.

What is it? To borrow a phrase from a movie classic, “Caddie Shack”… Be The Ball!

In other words, you must think like your customer if you are ever going to sell anything to your customer. You have to mentally take yourself out of your position as the salesperson and assume the role of your prospect.

Ask yourself these questions before you ever walk in the door…

– Why do you think they accepted an appointment with you?

– What would they gain if they purchased your product or service?

– Why would your product make their job easier?

– What is their role or position in the company?

– How does a decision to purchase from you affect their position?

Once you get into the appointment, continue to mentally put yourself in their shoes as they begin to interact with you in the call. Here are some questions to ask yourself during your appointment:

– Does the prospect seem at ease or comfortable with me and my style? If not, why?

– Am I going to fast? Too Slow?

– Does the prospect seem interested in what I am saying?

– Are they answering my questions freely, or are they reserved and guarded? Why?

– Do they prefer a more formal conversation or are they more relaxed and friendly?

– Are they focused on our conversation or preoccupied with something else? Why?

– Do they like making eye contact or does that make them uncomfortable?

The bottom line here, is that you have to continuously monitor your prospect during the call and adjust your style and approach accordingly. Don’t just ignore all of the signs that your prospect is sending out and ram through the call with your standard pitch and then hope that you are going to sell something.

Key point here, is to think like your customer. Figure out what makes them the most comfortable in a selling situation and make your adjustments on the fly to give yourself the best chance of making a sale.

My recommendation is to always start your presentation off cautiously and conservatively until you get the “feel” of your prospect and then move forward as you start to gather some data or intelligence on them.

At all costs, avoid ramming into a call with an overbearing personality and a predefined pitch and risk turning the prospect off in the first 20 seconds of a sales call.

With practice, you will get very good at this and you will find that your prospects will favor you over your competition simply because you “understand them…”

In my opinion, developing this skill is fundamental if you want to be successful in your sales career. This is a great sales training tip for newbies, veteran reps and sales managers to take to heart.

Now Go Sell Something And Make Some Money!!