5 Small Habits Done Daily That Will Change Your Life

By Kevin Jacinto (AKA Baker)

“Simple Habits Equal Great Success.”

Habits. We all have them. Some are considered good habits while some considered bad habits.

It would be fair to say that the good habits are the ones that get you closer to your intentions-goals in life. While the bad habits take you further away from your intentions-goals.

From my personal experience, I’ve seen the following 5 small habits when done everyday, dramatically increase my own wellness, hitting my goals, and manifesting my intentions. The challenge is making the change from bad to good habits.

However the  beauty in the habits I’m going to mention is that they aren’t overly difficult to do. A small subtle shift in your actions will do the trick. Once you start practicing these daily habits on a consistent basis, you life will change in ways you probably weren’t aware of before.

The problem is that many people think you have to do things Dramatically different than before, to change your life in a positive way. The truth, is that the real change happens in the small daily habits.  Be consistent with your habits daily and you will see that is where the change happens for yourself.

It isn’t the things you do once in awhile that make a real change in your life, it is the the small habits done consistently that make the real change in your life.

I’ll repeat that. lol.

“It is the the small habits done consistently that make the real change in your life.”

5 Small Habits Done Daily That Will Change Your Life.

1. Creative visualization:

Done daily… creative visualization is a powerful process that you can start using to create the life of your dreams. The reason is because what we visualize we materialize. Life is all energy, what we are choosing to put into our mind is what becomes real in the physical world. Imagine what it would feel like when you already manifested what you truly wish to manifest in your reality. How would it feel like, look like, smell, taste like? Use your senses to get into that feeling space, at least once a day. Try it out for just  5 minutes each day. I Previously had a guest post on a step by step process you can use for applying creative visualization.  Here is the creative visualization technique you can use. Done as a habit daily,  this small practice will change your life.

2. Time For Working Your Passion/Blog Daily:  

My blog schedule nowadays is Monday -Friday. Most people see that I get my blog post up before noon. That is done mainly, because I get my best writing these days during the morning hours. My traffic also has seen an increase since I’ve been blogging consistently M-F. When I blogged twice a week I got more comments on the blog but the traffic stagnated.  I’ll take the traffic over comments thank you very much lol! My writing schedule may change from time to time, but for the time being that is where I find more consistency. The key here is to find something you are passionate about and slowly develop that into a daily habit for you. If you aren’t a blogger, then do something small each day that pertains or relates to your passion. Even if its just 15 minutes. Devote that daily and you will see that in time it will change your life.

3. Listen to Personal Development Audio In the Car.

We are what we choose to listen to and focus on. I know a handful of very successful people like these Big C.E.Os of major companies that actually listen to personal development audios while in the car. Its no surprise that people with major success in life, are continually listening to audio that enriches their life. When you listen to things that are of lower vibration and not promoting health and positive advancement, you usually get stuck in that old pattern of “life is a struggle” crap, that doesn’t help anyone.  Positive audios  reprograms your mind for success. A popular one is anything by Tony Robbins. For my more spiritual crowd… I recommend any audio by Abraham Hicks for upliftment and power boosters.

4. Physical Exercise

I don’t exercise everyday. But, I bet you if YOU did, your life will change in a dramatic way. My exercise routine is probably more like once every other day. It can be weight lifting, or jogging. This works out well for me. But, the key is to make a consistent habit of it. This comes with practice. But, exercise from personal  experience  is one of the habits that can truly make a change in your life. I did play a lot of basketball when I was growing up, so excerice to me comes easier, but that’s not an excuse for you if you didn’t grow up playing a sport or were active. =) One of the major benefits for me living outside of the major over-populated city is that we have hiking trails that you can find, that allow you to do a really nice hike and get your excersie done in one shot. One time Up and down the hill, is sufficient physical exercise that does the job. Also nature (trees, grass) has healing properties. So getting out in nature while getting the excerise done is also a nice bonus health and energy wise.

5. Healthy Meals

Don’t go overboard with this one.Healthy meals doesn’t mean you have to become vegan overnight. Simply find a healthy way of eating that best sits you. I am not a vegetarian, but I still mange to eat healthy. This means that I do eat meat from time to time for the protein, but I do it in moderation. I also don’t consume alcohol. Which for me feels like a downer. I’ll have a sip of wine when I’m around my financially  wealthy  friends, but that’s it. Understand your own body, and eat what feels healthy for you and do this on a daily basis. You will see that it changes your energy levels overtime and does indeed change your life.

These are the 5 habits that done daily will change your life.



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Get Into A Groove and Watch Sales Go Up!

By Terry Sauerbier

Starting out in any sales or marketing program can be a bit intimidating, if you have never been in sales before. Understanding that all sales are simply a numbers game will help you tremendously overcome the anxiety of accomplishing your sales goal. No matter the product or service you are offering, no matter how great a website is, or how great a value or deal you may have, sales just simply do not happen without marketing, and sales will rise with the amount of marketing done.

Marketing on the internet comes in many forms. some of the successes I have achieved, I have used very simple techniques, which done continually over and over accomplish what I want. becoming almost ritualistic with your marketing online and you will not only become very efficient, but it will not seem overly burdensome and the results should be very rewarding as you get into a groove, and watch sales go up.

Use postcards. Doing a weekly mailing, or monthly mailing to promote your product or service to a targeted list of prospective clients, or customers works wonders. Every 4 or 5 days, send out a followup letter, card or flyer, to each of those you prviously mailed that have yet to purchse something from you. Do this continuously for five or six mailings in a 30 day period. This shows you are truelly a professional and are serious about what you do. This is called drip marketing. After a 30 day period or so, send a new mailing to a new list and start the process over.

Put a response form on your website. By offering a newsletter or other freebie, This will increase the number of email addresses you capture exponentially. As you generate traffic to your website, prospects are checking out what you offer, and by allowing them to join a newsletter or request additional information, you will be able to build your own targeted list because you have captured the information they provided and know they have already been to your website, so you follow-up with them at your convenience.

Write articles. Getting articles published was one of the very first marketing techniques that I employed, and to this day, I continue to have fabulous success with it. This is one of the simplest forms of letting people know about you, and your product or service, and it gets you great exposure very quickly. If you are reading this right now, and we have never met, should be proof enough to you that it works.

In order to attract the specific people you are looking for, offer information about something that would be of interest and importance to your prospective audience who may wish to buy your product or service. You can deliver this information and convey your product or service very nicely by writing articles.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. By using PPC search engine submission, you can produce quick, immediate results for what you desire in traffic to your website leading to prospective sales. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to get listed. Within a few days, you can get your site listed at the top of numerous Search Engines and in front of millions of web surfers. Pay-per-click search engines offer you the greatest potential search engine reach for the amount of invested advertising dollars.

Create a mailing list. If you ask me to describe the single most important aspect of my business, without hesitation, I will tell you about my free weekly newsletter. The great majority of my customers began

as subscribers to my newsletter. I used the newsletter to build my credibility with them, and over time, they became comfortable with me and the products I offered.

All of this marketing will lead to creating a mailing list which ultimately, should be your number one priority. Your subscribers become the audience for your articles, your advertising, your products and services and eventually generate the sales. If you consistently give your subscribers quality information, they will read everything you have to say, until finally they are ready to make a purchase. I have had people come to me 5 years down the road after requesting more infromation from me and ask, me if I was still doing that thing, and that they were ready now! Your success and your fortune is in your mailing list.

As you see, all of this is an ongoing process. You should not assume that after you have done these things for a couple of months, that you are done and going to make a lot of sales. You should learn to form marketing habits that you will do continually over and over until you achieve your sales goals, over and over. Understanding that marketing is a numbers game no matter what, as your numbers of prospective clients or customers grows, the sales will follow, month after month.

5 Ways to Enjoy (and Improve) Your Cold Calls

By Ari Galper, Sales HQ

Most of us dread our days of making cold calls. We take a deep breath, pump ourselves up, and prepare to talk with a perfect stranger.

Is there any wonder a gray cloud sometimes hangs over our desk? It really doesn’t have to be this way. Cold calling can be an interesting, intriguing, fulfilling adventure.

How do you do it?

You need to change your outlook and approach. These aren’t tricks to distract you from the pain, but paradigm shifts to make the pain go away. If you adopt these approaches, you may not end up love cold calling, but you won’t dread it.

Not only will your attitude improve, so will your sales.

Get Started!

Do you make these mistakes prospecting by email?

Do you use email for your prospecting?

When used correctly email can be a great way to open up new business. Unfortunately, very few salespeople can use email effectively to open up new business opportunities. Check out this article by Peter O’Donoghue at SalesDNA for common pitfalls and suggested approaches to ensure sales success.

What are some of your suggestions for improving prospecting emails?

Be No Ego

By Sam Parker, GiveMore.com

Ego can get in the way of everything. Remind yourself (and others) of the fundamentals to less ego, more results, and happier times.

ego: noun > 1. the self 2. an inflated sense of self-significance

To be no ego…

  1. Be humble. Understand you are a (small) part of the world. Service and patience should be your top priorities.
  2. Be teachable. Focus on what you can learn, rather than what you know. Remember that almost everything you learn comes from the work of someone else.
  3. Listen more. Make every effort to truly understand what others are saying (beyond just words). Allow a gap of silence before responding. Ask question (and listen, again).
  4. Appreciate people. Enjoy others’ contributions. Don’t squelch ideas or defend territory. Encourage more.
  5. Relax. Let go of the need to be right or win every time.


By Jack Daly, The Daly News

Here’s where it starts. A true Sales Professional only sells to people/companies that can benefit from one’s product/service. Once we have determined that there is indeed a fit, it’s in the interest of both the salesperson and the prospect to move forward together. This, then, is where the process of Proactive Pipeline Management begins, and here is how it is done.

Every sales professional should maintain two baskets, one is for prospects and the second is clients. Connecting the two is a conduit called customers. An added benefit is to view an additional conduit from clients into the prospect basket, which are the valuable referrals. See depiction below-

Prospects are people who we have never done business with previously. Customers are occasional buyers, or people who buy one product from us when we offer much more. Clients are the best, buying regularly from us and doing a significant amount of business with us, along several product lines. Professional sales people build what I call a Clientele, which results in not having to worry about paying their house payment, car payment, and lifestyle payments. These professionals have ensured themselves a continuing cash flow/income, and therefore can consistently act in the best interests of the client, instead of “having to sell” to make one’s monthly payments! This is a key competitive advantage that the Top 10% have over the majority of selling competitors. An extra benefit of building a Clientele is they tend to be a great source for Referrals, which is the richest opportunity for a Sales Professional.

The process of Proactive Pipeline Management should be performed at least once a month, although my most robust growing clients are doing the process weekly. I call it “INSPECT THE BASKETS”, and here is how it’s done. Someone (Sales Manager) meets with the Sales Professional and asks who is the number 1 prospect, when they were last touched, how often they have been touched in the last 90 days, in what ways they have been touched, and asks “what standing in the way of them becoming a customer?”. Once this account is thoroughly reviewed, then Prospect #2 is reviewed similarly, and on down the list. I would recommend going at least 20 deep in the Prospect basket. Next reviewed are the Customers, in the exact same fashion. Again, going at least 20 deep. We then move on to the same process with the Clients, inquiring how we can win even more business from them, where both Client and Seller can benefit. Last, we should have a process of regularly asking for Referrals, and the best source is often our happy Clients. If a Sales Person does not have a Sales Manager providing this on an ongoing basis, it is in their best interests to enlist someone who will. Be sure to have someone who is strong and demanding, which will pay the greatest dividends to you.

This one simple Process – INSPECT THE BASKETS – will translate into higher sales, greater bonding with your customers/clients, and increased income for the Sales Professional. Remember the old adage- Inspect what you expect!