Visit Yourself

By Kathleen Steffey

Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself.
-Audrey Giorgi

As a person who grew up in Chicago, there are few things that dominated the culture of our city as much as Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. We had the joy of watching a talent and personality that comes along once in a generation. He is widely known as one of the most driven, self-motivated people in sports who won 6 NBA titles and countless other awards.

At age 30, at the prime of his career (and after his 3rd title), Jordan announced his retirement from basketball. In his retirement speech, he mentioned he had lost his zest for the game. He mentioned the death of his father. He mentioned the media scrutiny. Regardless of the reason for his retirement, Michael Jordan needed a break – to recharge his spirit and his passion.

Most of us know that the story didn’t end there. Michael eventually returned to the game he loved and brought a renewed drive. The Bulls went on to win 3 more championships, including some personal performances that are considered the best of all time.  Jordan has also been inducted into the Hall of Fame.


The key takeaway from Jordan’ story is that even the best need to stop and take a break once in a while. Take care of you. Explore why you do what you do. Think about the source of your motivation. Rediscover your passions and joys in life.

Stop and visit yourself for a change.