How to Improve Your Job Performance

improve performance business and selfYou want to make the best impression you can in the work place. Learn to develop some good habits and it won’t be long before you have got the eye of management. These steps aren’t hard to do–but may be a hard for some to stick to–but those who do will find themselves rising to the top.


  1. Listen to motivational CDs in your car on the way to and from work. There are some great motivational speakers–Brian Tracey, Zig Zigglar and Tony Robbins to name a few. And every new program will add more tools to your professional bag of tricks.
  2. Arrive early. Get your coffee, get visiting co-workers out of the way and be ready to start work at, or before your scheduled time. Be a leader by acting like one.
  3. Start by doing the thing that you least want to do all day. Get it out of the way so it’s not hanging over you all day giving you reasons to procrastinate.
  4. Send notes to people outside of your department when you see them do an extraordinary job. Copy it to their manager.
  5. Show up prepared for any meeting. Do your homework before the meeting. Offer good insight, and pose good questions. Bring something inspirational to the meeting. If you’re the boss make certain you set a certain time for the meetings and stick to it.
  6. Subscribe to publications and journals that will enhance your industry knowledge. These are tax-deductible. Email articles that you find that you think would be of benefit to your colleagues.
  7. Have several bins—one for weekly projects, one to file and one for daily projects.
  8. Place your goals in a nice frame and put them on your desk in front of you as though they were a family picture. This can be your annual goals, quarterly goals goals for the upcoming week. It will keep you focused.
  9. Make a To Do list for the next day at the end of your work day. That way you hit the ground running. Make sure your list coincides with your weekly goals list. Bring your positive, ‘can do’, attitude with you to the office and mentor those coming up in the company to be the best they can be for the business.

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  1. What if the cause for a poor job performance is that you do not get the freedom to give your own touch to the tasks at hand? Maybe some people cannot find motivation in following someone else directions strictly?

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