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By A Sales Guy Consulting

Your Own Sales Organization Evaluation Tool: 
One of the most difficult challenges of sales leaders is determining the strength and quality of their sales organization. We have “gut” feelings. They tell us if we’re doing a good job or if we’re not. They give us indictations of what’s happening within the sales team. However, even when our gut is accurate, it’s not very good at giving us the details. If our gut tells us we’re doing pretty well, it’s not very good at telling us why. If it’s telling us we’re in trouble or headed in the wrong direction, our gut isn’t very good at telling us why we’re headed in the wrong direction. Our gut can be good, but it only goes so far.

Having a good understanding of the sales organization is crictial. It needs to be more than a “gut” feel. Knowing for sure what is happening in our sales organization let’s us pull the right levers in response to the real issues. Understanding this, we’ve created a Sales Force Effectiveness Tool that tells you where your organization is doing well and where you could improve. The Sales Force Effectiveness tool breaks down your organization into 4 buckets; strategy, structure, people, process.  It then rates the effectiveness of your organization in each of those categories.

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