5 Effective Sales Acceleration Tools To Increase Revenue

By Barcatech

It goes without saying that sales and marketing remains the most important function of any business for it is impossible to sustain and compete in the cut throat business world without adding up to top line. The money that comes in is used for expansions, research & development and to strengthen other business processes. Such a vital business function and yet many companies struggle to find alternate revenue streams or effective sales techniques and in the process end up either under or overspending their marketing budget. Take a classic example of the Vonage corporation which made into Time Magazine’s list of the 10 biggest tech failures of the last decade due to their consistent overspending on marketing, and now the company struggles to break even.

Overspending is a rare occurrence when most companies struggle to even have an adequate budget to meet their marketing requirements. Small and Medium business outfits have all the more reasons to spend wisely as they have a low risk appetite. Whether you are a start up, a small or medium sized business or a big enterprise with huge investment potential the focus should always be on achieving:

  • Maximum revenue through minimal input
  • Increasing sales without increasing the cost of sales
  • Using sales techniques that do not leave a big hole in your pocket
  • Getting maximum marketing mileage using an inexpensive approach

Most companies find it extremely difficult to even spread their word around, let alone flood the market and the real problem at hand is to appropriately utilize the budget to generate maximum marketing mileage especially when companies cannot afford to execute expensive marketing campaigns.

This is the time when businesses should opt for cost effective and measurable sales acceleration tools even if they have to stretch beyond the conventional approach and hire the expertise of external sales partner.

When you would let only a technical expert repair your laptop then it only makes perfect sense to let a sales expert examine your ailing sales approach and substitute it with actionable and most effective sales tools. By doing this you will save thousands of dollars in recruitment, training, infrastructure maintenance and also take advantage of a well run marketing machinery in place

Sales acceleration tools are not merely synonym for lead generation but include a complete spectrum of deliverable under its umbrella like gathering business intelligence, a) Target account profiling, b) building a qualified target client database, c) appointment garnering to aid field executives, d) email broadcasting for a wider penetration of your target market, e) lead generation and f) business development outsourcing.

These sales acceleration tools when efficiently used by an experienced sales partner can uproot any element of risk and can show visible results in a short span of time, all this without increasing your cost of sales or increasing sales headcounts.

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