Successful Sales: Goal Setting and Accountability

In Sales, goal setting and accountability are the greatest keys to determining success, both for an individual and for the business as a whole. Approaching the goal setting process correctly and following up with the right frame of mind will ensure that those goals are realized.
Establishing Direction
Nobody gets anywhere without a destination. When creating your goals, you need to look at the big picture—what are you ultimately trying to achieve? But you also have to be specific; saying to yourself “My goal is to have more sales this year” isn’t going to cut it. Focus in on what you’re trying to achieve with precise figures and a deadline like “My goal is to have $35,000 in new sales over the next two months.”
Get Detailed
Take the time to analyze your situation—look at the driving numbers behind your current workflow and understand how you can improve them. For instance, if 10% of your calls yield a sale, and your average sale is $100, you can count on $100 for every 10 calls you make.
Break your goals down to make them more manageable. If you want to achieve $10,000 in a month, plan to work toward that goal in small chunks—that’s only $325 in sales per day!
Reinforce Your Success
Take time throughout your goal setting period to stop and assess how you’ve progressed. Reanalyze your figures, and adjust your process—maybe you need a betterlead generation system, or a different timing structure. Reward yourself for your successes, even if they’re small, and recognize your failures as opportunities to further improve.
Record your progress in writing—seeing your results will help keep you motivated. Publicize your goals in order to hold yourself more accountable. If several people know what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll likely work harder to make sure you achieve it.