Why Strategic Staffing Plans are Important

By David Ingram, eHow

Strategic staffing plans business successStrategic staffing plans are forward-looking strategies used to build and maintain loyal, high-performance teams. Strategic staffing plans differ from traditional staffing activities, which are mainly focused on filling empty seats with new employees, in that they consider the true lifetime value of each employee to their organizations, while developing methods of increasing the value of each employee over time. Understanding the importance of strategic staffing can motivate your human resources team to take their departmental strategies to the next level.

Competitive Advantage

Companies can gain powerful competitive advantages by employing strategic staffing plans. Using tact in hiring decisions and employee development can steadily increase employee productivity and efficiency by boosting their competence and confidence. Seeking out innovative and creative employees, and giving them the tools and training to grow, can keep your organization on the forefront of developments in your industry.

Executive Development

A strong argument can be made for promoting from within to fill top leadership positions. Companies with a policy of filling executive positions with insiders can benefit from developing a clear strategy for identifying and grooming potential leaders over the years. Investing in developing high-performers can ensure that your company’s fundamental mission and vision remains intact after an executive transition, while making it easier for employees to identify with new leaders and get on board with their strategic initiatives.

Legal Considerations

Strategic staffing plans also ensure that companies fully comply with laws on employee relations, especially issues of equal employment opportunity. Developing a plan to build a workforce that mirrors the cultural makeup of your surrounding community, as well as ensuring that minority groups are sufficiently represented in top leadership positions, can save large amounts of hassle and money from potential litigation. Going beyond the letter of the law in equal employment opportunity issues can help your company to develop a reputation as a fair employer with ethical business practices, which can increase demand for your brands in the marketplace.

Cost Efficiency

Strategic staffing can also include geographically separating different departments to take advantage of opportunities offered in foreign markets or distant domestic locations. Lean companies often locate entire departments, such as manufacturing or customer support, in foreign countries to leverage their unique skill-sets and cost efficiencies. These strategies must be candled with care, however, since laying off domestic employees to relocate departments can have a negative impact on the company’s domestic reputation.

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