Sales Momentum – How To Get It Going

By Nick Moreno, National Sales Center

There is such a thing as sales momentum and it could go up or down depending on what’s driving it. In sales, when you’re hot, you’re hot but when you’re not, you’re not! Let’s see what we can learn about these different conditions of sales momentum.

Positive Sales Momentum

Way back when, I remember managing a new sales rep named Joe. Joe, by the way, went on to have a great sales career and I do miss that guy. In any event, I was telling Joe about the snowball effect in selling. I told him that sales was like a snowball getting bigger as it rolled down a hill. The trick was to get that snowball going and building momentum. A few sales prospects will lead to more sales prospects. A few orders will lead to even more orders. Before you know it, you have a positive sales momentum that can’t be stopped.


Negative Sales Momentum

At times, that snowball just decides to melt and you find yourself in a sales slump. You can’t do anything right and you’re getting crushed by the competition. It’s as if you all of sudden forgot how to sell and you’re spinning out of control with a negative sales momentum. These periods never last forever but it sure seems that way when you’re in one.

Controlling Sales Momentum

I believe there is one primary factor controlling both positive and negative sales momentum. That factor is confidence. When things are going great, you approach each prospect with overwhelming confidence. When things are going poorly, prospects immediately recognize your lack of confidence. If you expect to close someone, they have to see confidence in you.

Getting On A Positive Track With Sales Momentum

So just what do you do to crush negative sales momentum? Well, the key is to regain confidence but that’s easier said than done. You just can’t snap your fingers and fill your head with confidence. You need a catalyst to move from negative to positive sales momentum. You need something that will give you the confidence you temporally lost. The cure is often found in some powerful sales training programs.

I urge sales reps in a sales slump to fight out of that negative sales momentum with some solid sales training. There is nothing like picking up a few new sales techniques to regain that confidence. Get a book, a CD or asales training DVD and get excited about selling again. You’ll be anxious to put your new sales skills to good use and your prospects will see that you march with confidence.

May all your sales momentum be positive!