Bad Data Killing Your Productivity?

By Kevin Steffey, President – Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search

How much is your sales person’s time worth? Seriously. Do the math. If each salesperson has a $1,000,000 annual quota and works 2080 hours per year, that means every sales hour is worth $480.
How do you want that time spent? Selling? Building relationships with high value prospects? What about searching the internet turning over rocks looking for updated prospect contact information? What about data entry and correcting dirty CRM data?
The answer should be obvious. You want your salespeople selling. The problem is, your salespeople don’t spend all their time selling.
We recently had the opportunity to work with a new service called
What they do is really really simple.
They clean your CRM. If your CRM is missing data on key prospects, their human analysts research and clean your data. If you need to round-out and add more contacts inside an account, they do the research for you. It’s like having an always available intern to do your key account research and keep your CRM clean.
The best part is the price. $15 per hour. They work with Salesforce, SugarCRM, they work with ZohoCRM and every other CRM platform you can name.
Again. It is really simple and it works.
Visit or email them at and free yourself up to spend an extra hour or two per day selling – not surfing the web.