Sales Advice: Two Choices for a Successful Career

By Michael Pedone  SJ Daily Blog Pix

When we are unwilling to make excuses or place blame we have taken a powerful and necessary step to defining and achieving our success. 

“What’s the BEST Sales Advice You’ve Ever Received?”



The best sales advice I’ve ever received is:

“Learn from those who’ve already accomplished what it is that you are after”

One of my first sales jobs, I was hired along with 15 or so other “sales reps” that all had various lengths of experience. Several of them were “in the game” for a long time and others were brand new, just like me.

During orientation, the company brought in some of their top sales performers to share their knowledge on what to do to be successful at this particular job / company.

It didn’t take long before a couple of those who were in my group to start denouncing or challenging the sales advice of those who were already at the top (ironically, those with the “most experience” in my group seemed to usually be the ones who complained the most and said the top performers advice was all wrong)

Before you knew it, those “naysayers” were looking for another job, and spewing excuses and placing blame everywhere but themselves while on their way out the door.


When sales don’t happen fast enough, it gets real easy to start making excuses. And that’s a road to disaster.

We all have two choices:

1.  Take ownership and do what it takes to become successful. Or…
2.  Blame the leads, the manager, the company, the economy etc.

When we are unwilling to make excuses or place blame we have taken a powerful and necessary step to defining and achieving our success. Do the opposite and you get the alternative results as well.

Learning from those who’ve already achieved what it is that you are after yields far better results than does listening to the advice of someone who hasn’t.

I don’t remember who it was that shared this advice to me, but I do remember how easy it was to “buy in” to the advice of those who weren’t being successful and how their “excuses” for failure made “so much sense”, that they had to be right!

But somewhere along the (very fortunate) way for me, the light bulb went on and I realized there are two sides of the coin… And when I rejected the excuses, and sought after and hung on to every word of those who were already living the lifestyle I wanted, only then did things truly start to turn around. And Fast!