Stretch Your Business for Growth in 2013

stretch your businessMost economic indicators suggest growth is just around the corner as many businesses and consumers are increasing spending and gaining confidence.  Does your company have a plan in place to take advantage of the growing economy?  If you don’t, your competitors will.  I encourage you to get aggressive and take the necessary steps to building your business. Continue reading Stretch Your Business for Growth in 2013

Three Secrets How a Sales VP Can Manage Their Boss

How do you manage your boss?

Sales VPs consistently ask industry thought leader Dan Perry, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index: ”How can I control my boss?” SJ Daily Blog Picture

You can’t.  But you can manage him. 117 Chief Sales Officers gave us feedback.  Download the Sales VP Relationship Assessment to get questions we  created from that feedback. You can answer these questions to assess your current relationship and find gaps.  Gaps you can then begin to fill. It’s stated in the book Success for Dummies.  “Be successful by doing what your boss wants you to do.” “This person can make you succeed or hinder your ability.”

The impact of not managing them can be significant.  Have you heard about the ‘Sales VP’ who makes his number but is uncontrollable?  Who they say not to get rid of until he misses quota? Has been passed by for promotion numerous times?  These are all the results of a poor relationship with your manager.

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How Many Times to Call a Lead Before Moving On

Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of asks:

Cold & Warm Calling Sales Question: SJ Daily Blog Picture

“How many attempts should a sales rep make to contact a lead? Our leads come from various sources including conferences, website visits, webinars, Google AdWords, LinkedIn etc. How many times do you call a lead before sending an email? How many times do you call a lead before you consider them “exhausted” and put them into the marketing “fish bowl” for email campaigns? Also, do you really believe leaving voice mails work?”

Read Michael’s Answer here….along with other helpful questions and answers that will lead you and your team to sales success.  

Top Ten Steps To Effective Delegation

SJ Daily Blog PictureAn article by Keith Rosen MCC, award winning author and CEO of Profit Builders, the leading global provider of management training, sales coaching, executive coaching and sales training.

Executives and managers are often left feeling frustrated when their staff doesn’t perform a task the way they expected. This can be eliminated by sharpening your communication and filling in the gaps that are often left open for interpretation. Here are some guidelines.

The Best- And Worst-Paying Sales Jobs

If you have that magical mix of skills and personality that a career in selling requires, you may be able to earn yourself a six-figure salary as a real estate broker or a sales engineer–but not all sales positions are nearly that glamorous and high-paying. Forbes Staff Writer, Jacquelyn Smith, exposes the good, the bad and the ugly in sales salaries. 

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