What is your #1 professional new year’s resolution for 2013?

Alright everyone.  Let’s get your feedback here.  Don’t be shy.  I would love to get some great ideas from all you sales and marketing professionals out there!

For reference, mine is a laser focus on driving new leads into the business through aggressive sales plan and content / internet marketing.

8 thoughts on “What is your #1 professional new year’s resolution for 2013?”

  1. My focus for 2013 will be growing people, then sales and finally profits……Companies must have quality people who are commitment to continuous improvement while being lifelong learners to accomplish the growth of sales and profits…..it really is all about the people.

  2. My 2013 professional resolution is to be more consistent with my marketing to larger organizations. This means that I need to chunk down my marketing plan/activities into weekly action steps!

    1. Jennifer, great suggestion. I saw an interesting article yesterday (can’t remember where) about listing out your dream clients which might also add focus to the plan activities.

  3. In 2013 I will continue to highlight my strong bonding and rapport abilities with clients, while becoming more aware of the pieces of the sales process that are a work in progress. I.e. Asking the tough questions, going for the “no”, and taking the time to meet all players in the decision process. I plan to pull myself outside of my comfort zone on each appointment and follow some great advice to “have 10 minutes of guts every day”.

  4. One of my career goals for 2013 is to enhance my knowledge and resources in business. I have a list of self-help books I’d like to read this year. To start, I am re-reading Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

  5. In 2013 I am focusing on positive professional development. My goal is to build and use my skills based on my strengths and talents to fulfill my career goals.

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