Why Sales Success Depends on Attitude

SJ Daily Blog Pix“The people you do business with deserve to be served by only the best. If that isn’t you, move aside and let the professionals do the job the right way.” – Robert Terson

Caring About the People You Do Business With

How do you view the people you do business with? Do you care about them? Do you care about their success? Are you there to serve them, help them get what they want, better their lives? Is that important to you? Do you think about that, is it something you’re fully conscious of, proud of? Or are they there simply for you to make a living, to serve your needs, to be nothing more than the pawns of your “professional” existence?

Do you speak well of the people you do business with? Do you think highly of them? Or do you speak ill of them, make fun and belittle them, tell stories to your family and friends about how dumb and ridiculous they are? Do you admire them, learn from them, or do you see them as idiots who are successful in spite of themselves?

Who are these people to you?

If you’ve never bothered to think about it, Robert Terson,  Founder/CEO of Sellingfearlessly.com, suggests you take a moment or two to ponder the question—to ponder all the questions above, because the quality of your entire sales career, the degree of success you achieve, depends on your attitude towards these people.

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  1. Kathleen, my deep gratitude for posting my article on newsle. What writer doesn’t feel a glow when his/her work is appreciated and passed on for others to read? I’m retired and my purpose is simply to help others, give back for a lifetime of blessings. If I can ever help you (or anyone else who’s reading this), please, I hope you’ll reach out and get ahold of me.

  2. Attitude is equal to 100% If A=1 and Z=26 Then Attitude is equal to 100
    (A=1) (t=20) (t=20) (i=9) (t=20) (u=21) (d=4) (e=5)

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