Senior Level Decision Maker Selling

Here are seven questions to consider: SJ Daily Blog Pix

  1. Are your salespeople prospecting/selling at the right level?
  2. Where do your salespeople currently and comfortably enter accounts?
  3. Are they getting in front of the right people?
  4. Are your salespeople entering at the appropriate level within an account that matches the level of expenditure, commitment and long term value to the prospect that your product or service represent?
  5. Do they have enough depth in their existing accounts?
  6. Are your salespeople comfortable interfacing with “head honcho” Senior Executives?
  7. Do they have the capacity to build relationships with a wide variety of people at varying levels in an organization? Far too many salespeople tend to enter an account at a level that is comfortable, easy and expedient.

Salespeople who enter an account too low, meaning they start selling to a person in an account with little or no authority, tend to do so for one or more of the following reasons, as revealed by The Brooks Group.