Three Secrets How a Sales VP Can Manage Their Boss

How do you manage your boss?

Sales VPs consistently ask industry thought leader Dan Perry, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index: ”How can I control my boss?” SJ Daily Blog Picture

You can’t.  But you can manage him. 117 Chief Sales Officers gave us feedback.  Download the Sales VP Relationship Assessment to get questions we  created from that feedback. You can answer these questions to assess your current relationship and find gaps.  Gaps you can then begin to fill. It’s stated in the book Success for Dummies.  “Be successful by doing what your boss wants you to do.” “This person can make you succeed or hinder your ability.”

The impact of not managing them can be significant.  Have you heard about the ‘Sales VP’ who makes his number but is uncontrollable?  Who they say not to get rid of until he misses quota? Has been passed by for promotion numerous times?  These are all the results of a poor relationship with your manager.

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