Sales Attraction Strategies: Jill Konrath Interviews Kendra Lee

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Want to know how to get more customers without cold calling? Then I think you’ll be interested Jill Konrath’s interview with Kendra Lee, author of The Sales Magnet. In this excellent new book, she shares tons of strategies you can use to fill your pipeline with new prospects.

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Strategic Salesperson vs. Tactical Salesperson

Too many salespeople are what referred to as tactical salespeople. Opportunity, however, lies in being a strategic salesperson. SJ Daily Blog Picture

Leading Sales Expert and Speaker Mark Hunter believes the difference is huge! And it can be the difference between selling at a low margin short-term and selling at a high-margin long-term.

A tactical salesperson is focused on the features of what it is they sell.  The questions they ask are all geared around getting the customer to think and see why they need what it is they’re selling. Continue reading […]

Planning for and Surviving Sales Slumps

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Even the best salespeople have the occasional “off” days. But when bad days turn into bad weeks or even months, you have a real problem. Weathering a long sales slump is tough but not impossible, if you take the time to prepare for it. And once you’re in a slump, you can take action to get out of your slump ASAP. […]

How to Hire for Attitude, Train for Job Skills

SJ Daily Blog PixNo doubt you’ve learned the hard way that when you fire a salesperson, it can cost you as much as 150% of their annual salary and benefits, plus lost sales and missed opportunities.  Obviously, there’s a lot riding on your hiring decisions.  As you know, good hiring practices are based on far more than evaluating an applicant’s selling skills.  Odds are, you didn’t let your last employee go because he or she lacked the skills to do the job; you fired them for a lack of personal skills or a mismatch with your organization.  This common situation has led to the maxim, “hire for attitude, train for job skills.”

When most hiring managers believe in the importance of “attitude,” why do they ignore it so often during the screening process? The Brooks Group answers this question [ …]

6 Habits of Remarkably Likable People

They’re charming. They’re genuine. And they can make an entire room full of people smile.

When you meet someone, after, “What do you do?” you’re out of things to say. You suck at small talk, and those first five minutes are tough because you’re a little shy and a little insecure. But you want to make a good impression. You want people to genuinely like you. writer Jeff Haden shares how remarkably likable people do it…