Surviving a Stressful Job

Thriving in a High-Pressure Environment

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Many people experience stress in their jobs. You might feel stressed temporarily because of a project deadline, or because of seasonal fluctuations in your workload. Or you might experience long-term stress due to the type of work that you do, because of a difficult boss or co-worker, or because of office politics.

The Editor’s Pick article from looks at the consequences of job stress, and explores strategies that you can use to manage a stressful job successfully.

Sales Tactic: Alignment with Company Direction is Your Job!

Rowing UpstreamSales reps, ever feel like you are paddling upstream trying to get your company to meet the needs of an awesome prospect?  Perhaps you need a slight product tweak.  Or, the clients needs an additional product or service that isn’t part of your portfolio. Maybe the issue is you!

Selling outside the box is often a recipe for disaster if you are not aligned with your company direction.  Lots of reps, myself included, tend to get wide-eyed when a big prospect is on the hook.  It is tempting to want to pull your company along for the ride.  Unfortunately, all too often that ride is a wild goose-chase.  I am not advocating giving up creativity in finding solutions to your prospects’ challenges.  I am merely saying that you should spend the bulk of your time selling in the sweet-spot where your company focuses. Continue reading Sales Tactic: Alignment with Company Direction is Your Job!

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Oracle/Eloqua: Marketing and sales alignment occurs in organizations whereSJ Daily Blog Picture sales and marketing teams agree on common goals, strategies, and success metrics. There’s an interesting thing that happens at organizations where effective marketing and sales alignment occurs—they win.  Continue Reading […]

30-Day Sales Plan Checklist SJ Daily Blog Picture

What if you could take your sales to the next level in just 30 days? It’s more feasible than you think–especially when you break the process down into small, achievable steps.

Use this checklist, adapted from Barry Farber’s feature article, “Sales Shape-Up,” to set your plan in motion. 


The Patience/Urgency Conundrum In Sales

SJ Daily Blog PictureWhenever sales training leader Paul Castain speaks at sales conventions, he’ll ask how many people (by a show of hands) are married. Then he asks a really crazy follow up question . . .

“How long does it take for two people to fall in love?”

That’s when you see heads tilting and that look of “Where the hell is this guy going with this?”

So, since he can’t see you, and your look of utter confusion will go unnoticed, he asks you the same question . . .

“How long does it take for two people to fall in love?”

Is it after x amount of dates?

Is it after your first fight?

Is it after you’ve spent a fixed amount on flowers, candy, etc?

After you’ve met each other’s family? Actually, in some cases, people fall out of love when that happens.

He believes the answer is that it happens when it happens!

That’s where this “patience/urgency” thing comes into play.

We need to have the patience to court the other person and the urgency to work at it regularly and consistently.

Sales is no different!

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3 Ways to Feel the Love in Your B2B Sales

SJ Daily Blog PictureWhen Maureen Jann of Intrepid Learning, stops to think about it, she realizes that marketers (like herself) and salespeople (like many she works with) sometimes forget that business-to-business buyers are people, too. From Chief Learning Officers to mechanics, investors to librarians—no matter what position they hold or what they’re in the market to buy, people usually have a few things in common: they use social media, want to be recognized for good work, and have limited time to balance work and home life. In short, behind every title is a real person whose decisions are driven by a combination of reason and emotion.

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