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How Alignment Helped Sales Win

SJ Daily Blog PictureForbes Contributing Writer Christine Crandell, heard a wonderful story about how a marketing team partnered with Sales to win a strategic deal and drive more revenue. This very large B2B enterprise technology vendor had an equally large retailer as a target account they wanted to win. The sales team did all the usual stuff of cold calling, networking, sending letters, inviting executive management to events but all that effort wasn’t breaking through the noise. Sales came to Marketing and asked for help; not expecting much.

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Sales Stamina- How to Keep Going Day After Day

Maintaining your Sales Stamina is far more complex than simply keeping up your physical stamina by getting enough sleep, eating a power breakfast and skipping the white wine at lunch. SJ Daily Blog Picture

To keep yourself in action and to keep your sales soaring follow these strategies shared by Caterina Rando, and watch your Sales Stamina improve.

Who Said Referrals Were Six Degrees of Separation?

America’s leading authority on referral selling, and author of No More Cold SJ Daily Blog PictureCalling, Joanne Black highly recommends you stay in touch with your network and rigorously build new connections. You will become closer and closer to potential clients. Your new referral network will contract your world. It will be faster and easier for you to give and receive referral introductions.

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How to Make Employees More Creative

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Margaret Heffernan (MoneyWatch) recently wrote about the desire for creativity in business and the multiple ways in which it is unintentionally hampered. She notes the first way to make people more creative is to stop all of those bad habits we have. But is there anything else you can do?

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