Why You Should Want to Work in Sales


By Kendra Lee SJ Daily Blog Picture

There’s a persistent perception that sales is a “last resort” job. I don’t know where it comes from, but you hear people say, “I’m just a sales rep.”

I’m tired of it! When you choose a sales career, you’re not settling for a second-rate job. Sales is a challenging profession you can and should be proud of. And it comes with many rewards.

“Unlimited” income. Few other jobs allow you to determine how high your income will go, often surpassing that of your boss.

Independence. As long as you’re turning in results, most good sales managers will let you set your own goals, create your own plans and manage your own time.

A sense of satisfaction that comes from being an expert and helping people solve problems.

Personal growth. With markets, technology and product offerings constantly evolving, you’re always growing and learning something new.

But you probably already know all this. What you may not have thought of, however, is that sales experience is vitally important if you ever hope to have an executive level job.


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Winning in the Trust and Value Economy


Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth

Winning in the Trust and Value Economy is a practical how-to book for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and other professionals looking to stay competitive in today’s market. It offers insights into the psychology of today’s customer, and reasons why the importance of customer engagement, experience, and personal connection has increased. It offers specific tips and techniques to guide a business through changes necessary to not only stay afloat, but to thrive in a way that is enjoyable for all involved. It’s a book written on the principle that today’s change must not be ignored, that this change is different, an economy we’ve never experienced before.
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“Are you working on the symptom or the problem…?”

By John Hirth SJ Daily Blog Picture

We have often found in working with our clients that they are working on a “symptom” rather than the “problem”. Unfortunately, as long as you are working on a symptom it will be difficult to get your prospect to identify whether or not they are someone you can do business with. Right now, you have deals in process that may be stalled because you are working on the “symptom” and not the “problem”.

The following example will help you understand this concept:

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6 Ways to Reduce Business Stress

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Any business person aiming high is going to be stressed at times. But surprisingly few have learnt smart ways to reduce their stress. Forbes.com contributor Siimon Reynolds shares 6 highly effective ways to keep your stress under control, no matter what is happening in your business and personal life.

Managers: It’s Easier Than You Think

imagesWhen working with sales teams there are some specific things that Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. looks for to understand the makeup of the team and its members. These are things that indicate how open they are to learning, to change and to commit to the effort it takes to change THEIR reality. There generally different indicators based on their industry, tangible vs. none tangible, and the nature of the sale. Interestingly tenure as a rep or with the company is a much smaller factor than one would expect, and of course the big delineator is whether they are and have regularly made their number or not. Let’s look at the latter group, not that those making their number can’t learn or improve, those are not are the drag on the system.

The one tell tale indicator is what they focus their attention on to change. The sub-quota reps will always focus on those things they cannot change. A direct contrast to the consistently deliver, who will habitually focus on those things they can change.

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15 Common Sales Interview Questions


SJ Daily Blog PictureEvery job is different. An auto-mechanic does not have the same tasks as a HR manager, who does not have the same tasks as a urinal toilet cleaner. These jobs are all different, and require different types of knowledge and abilities.

Sales interviews are no different. The best way to prepare for a sales interview is to study up on the possible questions that you may face during the interview process. Here are 15 sample sales interview questions so that you can get an idea about what types of questions you may receive.

Are Your Managers Hanging On to Bad Sales Reps?

By Christopher Cabrera, CEO of Xactly Corporation, the industry leader in sales compensation automation.

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One of the benefits of collecting detailed data is the insight you can glean about your company’s training needs. Armed with information that clearly highlights each field rep’s strengths and weaknesses, sales managers can devise training plans that are tailor-made for each individual.

Great plan!

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