Why Are You Ignoring The Biggest Part of Your Target Market?

imagesThere seems to be wide agreement that at any given time, only a small percentage of your target market is Actively Looking for what your are selling, estimates seem to be about 15%. A similar percentage, fall into a group I call Passively Looking, leaving about 70% of the target group is removed from the market, not looking, or working hard to look the other way, the Status Quo. Many pundits will tell you to stay away from the 70%, erroneously telling to avoid these apparently entrenched potential buyers, and spend your time with the other two groups.

Sure that is easier prey, but at the same time it is prey that is surrounded and stalked by every other sales person looking for an easy kill. Although you have to ask why it is easy, well, not only are these Passive and Active buyers, self declared, but they have been engaged gathering information, (if not knowledge). One bit of information they have is that most leading products’ feature overlap as much as 80% – 90%, leaving sellers a small and narrow platform to succeed from, leaving little more than price to lean on. Just like on the savannah, the weakest go first, the sale goes to the lowest price.

According to award winning author, speaker, and B2B sales execution specialist Tibor Shanto, it is time to be contrarian, stop chasing the obvious, and sell to those who may not be in the market, but still have objectives and opportunities they want to achieve in their business. Continue Reading […].