Are You Going to Make Your Number This Quarter?

imagesSales Coach Keenan at asks the hard questions to make you think while wrapping up Q1.

How close are you to making it? What has to happen between now and March 31st to make your number?

If you don’t know with about a 90% certainty, you’re in trouble.

This is the time to open your quarterly plan and review your goals, strategies, initiatives and tactics. What were the things you said you would be doing this quarter? Are they working out? Are they delivering like you thought they would?

It’s also time to start thinking about next quarter. If you’re off, what are you going to do next quarter to catch up? If you’re on track or exceeding plan, how is your pipeline positioned for next quarter? Is your pipeline thin going into Q2? Can you continue on the current trend or are you looking at a fall back in the second quarter? Regardless of whether you are ahead or behind in Q1 the key is to be clear on what are you going to need to focus on heading into Q2?

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