Managers: It’s Easier Than You Think

imagesWhen working with sales teams there are some specific things that Tibor Shanto, Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. looks for to understand the makeup of the team and its members. These are things that indicate how open they are to learning, to change and to commit to the effort it takes to change THEIR reality. There generally different indicators based on their industry, tangible vs. none tangible, and the nature of the sale. Interestingly tenure as a rep or with the company is a much smaller factor than one would expect, and of course the big delineator is whether they are and have regularly made their number or not. Let’s look at the latter group, not that those making their number can’t learn or improve, those are not are the drag on the system.

The one tell tale indicator is what they focus their attention on to change. The sub-quota reps will always focus on those things they cannot change. A direct contrast to the consistently deliver, who will habitually focus on those things they can change.

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