Why You Should Want to Work in Sales


By Kendra Lee SJ Daily Blog Picture

There’s a persistent perception that sales is a “last resort” job. I don’t know where it comes from, but you hear people say, “I’m just a sales rep.”

I’m tired of it! When you choose a sales career, you’re not settling for a second-rate job. Sales is a challenging profession you can and should be proud of. And it comes with many rewards.

“Unlimited” income. Few other jobs allow you to determine how high your income will go, often surpassing that of your boss.

Independence. As long as you’re turning in results, most good sales managers will let you set your own goals, create your own plans and manage your own time.

A sense of satisfaction that comes from being an expert and helping people solve problems.

Personal growth. With markets, technology and product offerings constantly evolving, you’re always growing and learning something new.

But you probably already know all this. What you may not have thought of, however, is that sales experience is vitally important if you ever hope to have an executive level job.


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