How To Craft An Effective Sales Pitch

How do you craft an effective sales pitch? staff writer Jacquelyn Smith imagesanswers: First, ditch the “pitch”—or at least neglect the traditional meaning of the word. It basically describes what salespeople used to do—throw information at prospects hoping to sell a  product or service before the buyer could hang up the phone or slam the door—but good salespeople today treat the “pitch” process as a collaborative conversation.

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Adversity Gives You Strength


By John Boe 

How can you stay self-motivated and productive in the midst of turbulent times and a sluggish economy? How do you persevere as a salesperson when times are tough and customers seem to be holding on to every penny in fear of economic uncertainty?

Every challenge, setback and personal difficulty you encounter in life also brings with it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit! The key to overcoming adversity is to avoid the temptation of panic and instead, focus on finding the greater benefit. Adversity will never leave you where it found you; it will either strengthen your character or weaken your resolve.  Continue reading Adversity Gives You Strength

7 Reasons Why CEOs Should Stay Out of the Sales Process


By Monika D’Agostino images

CEOs often have the desire to step in and manage the sales process, but it can be harmful. CEOs need to learn to trust the people they have hired. They should request to be informed and should certainly be invited to be part of the sales process, but not in a way where they are involved on a daily basis.

So here is the scenario. Sales don’t come in. The CEO panics and thinks he/she needs to take control. As a result, the sales people fear that they might lose their job and/or that they won’t make money.

The sales managers do both. They panic and fear, both for their team, for their compensation and for their reputation.

Here are 7 reasons why CEOs should not be involved in the sales process.

Do you use showbiz to sell?

SJ Daily Blog Picture

Guest Post by Ardi Kolah

A skilled sales and marketing professional understands the power of a good performance in front of an audience of customers, clients, supporters and prospects.

And some of the best can influence the way we think and behave as good as any ‘A list’ Hollywood actor or film director.

Steve Jobs was perhaps the ultimate ‘showman’s showman’ when it came to influencing Apple distributors to sell more products every year at the Annual Apple Sales Convention in San Francisco.

In fact he turned what could’ve been a standard sales convention into something that resembled more like the opening night of a Hollywood movie.

What Steve Jobs did brilliantly was to entertain, inform and engage rather than bore his audience into submission.

However not everyone is blessed with the stage presence that Steve Jobs possessed and stage fright can often grip the most seasoned presenter, forcing them to ‘corpse’ at precisely the point when they’re looking to ‘close’.  Continue reading Do you use showbiz to sell?

Time Management: The Red Queen’s Race

By James A. Baker  
Founder and CEO
Baker Communications
March 2013images

Commitments, appointments, errands, tasks, projects — call them what you will — the busyness of our lives is comprised of a wide variety of activities that quickly expand to fill up every available minute on our calendar.

Activities are the things that we DO with our lives. They may be related to work or leisure; they may be pleasant and relaxing, or stressful and taxing; but — one way or another — our lives are defined and consumed by our activities.

The important question is this: are your activities helping you to achieve those goals you believe are important to you? Put another way, are you wasting valuable time on activities that aren’t tied to your most important goals?

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Are You Going to Make Your Number This Quarter?

imagesSales Coach Keenan at asks the hard questions to make you think while wrapping up Q1.

How close are you to making it? What has to happen between now and March 31st to make your number?

If you don’t know with about a 90% certainty, you’re in trouble.

This is the time to open your quarterly plan and review your goals, strategies, initiatives and tactics. What were the things you said you would be doing this quarter? Are they working out? Are they delivering like you thought they would?

It’s also time to start thinking about next quarter. If you’re off, what are you going to do next quarter to catch up? If you’re on track or exceeding plan, how is your pipeline positioned for next quarter? Is your pipeline thin going into Q2? Can you continue on the current trend or are you looking at a fall back in the second quarter? Regardless of whether you are ahead or behind in Q1 the key is to be clear on what are you going to need to focus on heading into Q2?

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Nervous About Making Sales Calls?

imagesSales Question: “I get really nervous before making a sales call… Any suggestions?”

Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of, offers sales professionals a more effective, affordable sales training mode.

He answers the above question here.