By Bill Tamminga, SEO Expert & Founder of TM&C

There are five major external forces that affect your sales and marketing efforts:

1.The General Economy
2.Social Beliefs and Attitudes

They operate outside of any specific organization and companies are, for the most part, at their mercy. Are these forces hindering or enhancing your success right now?

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Secrets of Top Sales Achievers

By Jonathan Farrington, (SalesHQ) images

As you can imagine, I am often asked by sales leaders, anxious to recruit the best salespeople they can afford, just what is it that makes a consistently top performer, what are their characteristics, where are their strengths, and what differentiates them?

Over the past fifteen years I have trained and developed thousands of sales professionals, from foundation right up to ‘master craftsman’ level and this has given me the opportunity to formulate an accurate profile of a Top 5% Achiever.
So What Is It That Top 5% Players Do?

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Emotional Control

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith images

How many times have we witnessed those in sales leadership or sales management roles “lost their cool? What these individuals did was demonstrate their lack of emotional control. [ Continue Reading…]

How Not to Lose a Sale

By Peter Bregman, Harvard Business Review images

Robyn*, a close friend of mine and senior leader at a large pharmaceutical company, referred me to work with Dan, the CEO of one of her company’s subsidiaries and someone she knew well. She would arrange for the three of us to meet. The lead wasn’t just warm; it was hot.

During the sales process I made a series of decisions, all of which felt — in fact, still feel — eminently reasonable. Here’s what happened: [ Continue Reading…]


10 Things That Have Dramatically Changed Sales

By  S. Anthony Iannarino


Things have changed…to name a few:

  1. Globalization…
  2. Disintermediation…
  3. Two Recessions…
  4. The Rise of Purchasing…
  5. Consolidation of Vendors…

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How have these changes impacted your business?


12 Key Steps to Improve Your Sales Team | Executive Street

12 Key Steps to Improve Your Sales Team | Executive Street.

Sales Leadership Tips

Jack Daly is a sales training and coaching expert that always shares lots of practical growth ideas.  I came across a posting from 2012 that is packed with useful steps to improve your sales team.  I particularly liked his views on improving the talent level on your team.  Which of his 12 Steps do you find most critical to driving growth in your business?

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Taking Collaboration With Your Customers To A New Level

By Roy Collins images

There is a new measure of buyer – seller collaboration. It is called Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Those sellers who can integrate effectively with their customer’s sales and operations planning can become more strategically important as suppliers. [ Read entire article here…]