Extraordinary Products Deserve Extraordinary Product Launches

By Richard Ruffimages

Companies in the B2B market develop a dazzling array of new products.  Some are modifications or minor upgrades of last year’s offerings.

And some are extraordinary new products that are designed to be significant revenue producers or game changers or in some cases “bet the company” entries into the market.

Unfortunately all too often, even when the new product falls into the extraordinary category, the product launch to the sales team more closely resembles an escape plan than a product launch to develop market superiority.  The investment in training the sales team to sell the new product is simply not commensurate with the importance of the new product.

This omission constitutes a strategic missing link. Even an extraordinary new product will not sell itself beyond the early adopters. The sales team needs a comprehensive body of product knowledge and they need to fine-tune and adapt their sales skills to the customer requirements related to the new product. The more innovative the new product – the truer this proposition.

The sales team will not accomplish this information acquisition on their own.  Training is required and for an extraordinary product, it is only fitting that the training be extraordinary.

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