Are You A “Contagious” Salesperson?

By Steve W. Martin, Heavy Hitter Sales Blog images

If you were to ask a hundred different salespeople who sell complex solutions to describe their selling approach, one of the most frequent responses would be “consultative.” Simply put, this sales approach is based upon establishing oneself as a business expert who sets out to understand and solve the customer’s business problems. Like a consultant, the salesperson studies the customer’s environment and applies industry knowledge to create a solution that theoretically differentiates the salesperson from the competition.

Obviously, it is better to have the customer think of you as a business expert than to think you’re a money-grubbing salesperson, so this approach makes sense. And when it was introduced decades ago, it was unique. Unfortunately, most of your competitors are employing this approach today. Worse, most salespeople confuse the consultative approach with an actual sales strategy, which it isn’t  It is only a communication tactic to establish your credibility and deliver your information in a nonthreatening way. [ Continue Reading…]