Disarm Sales Resistance Early

imagesBy Tim Connor
Connor Research Group
How many prospects do you have in your funnel now who are stalling?
How many excuses for not buying have you accepted during the past thirty days?
How often do you think your prospects lie to you about why they are not really buying?
There are many other questions I could ask you but I would rather focus on the solution than the problem although they are closely related.
How frequently do you hear things like:
– The price is too high.
– We need to think this proposal over.
– We are happy with our current supplier
– It is too much trouble to change this at this time.
– We have been doing business with the same company for years.
– We are too busy now to discuss this.
This list is endless.
Sales resistance is a function of a variety of causes in the sales process. Some of them are...[ Continue Reading…]