Extraordinary Products Deserve Extraordinary Product Launches

By Richard Ruffimages

Companies in the B2B market develop a dazzling array of new products.  Some are modifications or minor upgrades of last year’s offerings.

And some are extraordinary new products that are designed to be significant revenue producers or game changers or in some cases “bet the company” entries into the market.

Unfortunately all too often, even when the new product falls into the extraordinary category, the product launch to the sales team more closely resembles an escape plan than a product launch to develop market superiority.  The investment in training the sales team to sell the new product is simply not commensurate with the importance of the new product.

This omission constitutes a strategic missing link. Even an extraordinary new product will not sell itself beyond the early adopters. The sales team needs a comprehensive body of product knowledge and they need to fine-tune and adapt their sales skills to the customer requirements related to the new product. The more innovative the new product – the truer this proposition.

The sales team will not accomplish this information acquisition on their own.  Training is required and for an extraordinary product, it is only fitting that the training be extraordinary.

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Do This Before Giving Up On A Prospect


When it comes to pursuing a prospect, sales trainer Paul Castain sees lots people who give up way too early and you know what . . . he also see lots of people hanging on way too long.

Truth be told, he sees both sides of this one because on one hand we don’t want to just give up. On the other hand, we don’t want to expend resources on something that just isn’t going to happen. [Continue Reading…]

Do You Know How To Look Relaxed During An Interview?

imagesFew people actually like job interviewing. It’s nerve-wracking trying to show your “best” self to a perfect stranger. You’re trying to prove you’re the man or woman for the job and that you can handle stressful situations like this one. That’s not easy, but there are some ways to pull yourself together and feel more confident.

Even if you’re getting butterflies during your next interview, MoneyWatch Writer Amy Levin-Epstein shares five ways to at least look less nervous.


Don’t Try to Make Selling Easy

SJ Daily Blog Picture

If your business model isn’t lowest price, and it almost certainly isn’t  then you can’t afford to sell price. As much as you believe it would make it easier to sell, it would do nothing to help your produce better sales results. The Sales Blog’s S. Anthony Iannarino shares a few reasons why.

Does Your Sales Presentation Need A Little Work?

By Andrew Pogson images

Many sales people think by doing all the talking they are ‘taking the lead’ or ‘warming up the sales call’ or even better ‘reeling them in’. The only thing you accomplish by talking all the time is displaying arrogance and ignorance at the same time. [ Continue…]