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How to Make an Accountant Your Top Sales Producer

To Sell is Human

I am in the middle of reading “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” where Daniel Pink explains that although only 1 in 9 Americans are in sales jobs, that actually everyone should think of themselves in sales.  Every day, we make recommendations to friends and co-workers with the intent to persuade – selling is a natural human trait.
Businesses should take Pink’s position one step further and create a sales culture where every team member uses those human traits in support the sales process.
When I take a look at my own business, there are so many people that affect our sales results – other than the traditional sales team.
  • The accounting team invoices and collects 100% of our sales
  • Each account manager in the organization handles roughly 33% of our sales orders.
  • Our production coordinator ensures 100% of the new positions are marketed appropriately and reports on progress in all facets of the our searches.
  • Our marketing team builds the content, campaigns and website that drives 50% of our sales leads.
Successful companies do a great job in creating a culture where everyone is active and engaged in driving sales results. Here are 5 key actions you can take to create a sales culture in your business:
  1. Make sure each function has a clear understanding of how their daily tasks impact sales results
  2. Empower your employees to use their voice and to actively engage with their co-workers for continual, positive change in the organization
  3. Create visibility throughout the organization to results and metrics on how each area is impacting sales results.
  4. Create a positive environment that celebrates success and encourages involvement.
  5. Always recruit new talent that fits in with your culture and has the right customer-oriented mindset.
So, who is our top sales producer?  Any person on the team can make or break a specific deal. Every team member is important to guarantee our long term success. In essence, Daniel Pink is right – everyone is in sales – or at least everyone impacts sales through their efforts!
How do you engage other functions in your sales efforts?